Shielded Rooms

Shielded rooms are used in many different applications including some of the following examples: MRI rooms in Hospitals, SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) utilized in Military applications, Secure Data or Server Rooms for Commercial Businesses or Electronic Test Rooms that block all interference from outside sources.

EMI/RFI Filters are designed to keep conducted high frequency noise from entering or exiting the shielded room via the power or communication lines. Genisco offers a wide variety of filters or the ability to customize the filter that will fit your shielded room application.

Energy Management

EMI/RFI Filters are used in Energy Management systems to keep emissions from affecting sensitive equipment in applications such as Smart Homes or Renewable Energy Systems. Homes generating their own power from Solar Energy utilize EMI/RFI Filters to remove the interference generated by the Inverter used to convert the DC power from the panels to the AC power. Smart Homes connect most electronic equipment in the house to one management system, which may require EMI/RFI Filtering to remove any interference that may affect your equipment.


Communications systems such as Telephone, Fire Alarm, Data Lines, PA Systems, and other General Communications  require EMI/RFI filters to avoid interference on the lines. For Data and Telephone lines this interference may cause lost or corrupted data transfers, whereas in Fire Alarm or PA Systems filtering out spurious signals helps prevent false alarms or noise being projected over the alerting system.


There are a wide variety of applications for EMI/RFI filters in electronics including Automation or Test Equipment and Commercial Electronics. Industrial Electronic Equipment including; Automation Equipment/Motion Controls, Test Equipment, Laboratory Equipment and CNCs (Computer Numeric Control) require EMI/RFI filters to protect the equipment, and also to prevent any performance issues that may arise from potential interference. Other applications of EMI/RFI filters include filtering power for Smart Appliances or Servers that may not require installation in a shielded room. 

Military/Space/Aero Electronics

The Military has been trusting Genisco filters in their applications for over 50 years. Military applications of EMI/RFI filtering range from removal of interference from Navigation, Guidance and Detection Systems to power filtering of portable SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). Military as well as Commercial Aeronautical and Space vehicles utilize EMI/RFI filtering in their communication equipment to protect from data loss or corruptions.


Genisco has been making filters for over 50 years and have been customizing filters based on mechanical considerations, cutoff frequency, pass-band, insertion loss, voltage and current ratings, plus many applicable military and regulatory agency requirements.