Genisco Cleans Up Dirty Power for HSI Sensing

When most companies and organizations think about protecting their data, many times they think in terms of hackers and internet security breaches. But evidence shows that “dirty power” may actually be a more clear and present danger.

Dirty power is a phenomenon that occurs when power lines pick up other ambient signals in the environnment such as cell phone, broadcast, and radio transmissions. These errant signals disrupt the 60-cycle power that the lines — and the sensitive electronics they feed — are designed for. Not only is dirty power disruptive, it can also shorten equipment life and cause catastrophic data loss. In fact, a recent study showed that 80% of all data loss is caused by dirty power.

These are the types of problems HSI Sensing, a reed switch manufacturer based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, was trying to avoid when they decided to construct a secure room for their internal servers, which house all of the company’s data and corporate intelligence.

“Initially, we were fearful of a natural disaster,” says Ryan Posey, president of HSI. “We had already experienced one rain event that had caused some damage to our servers, and living in Oklahoma, we were also fearful of a natural disaster such as a tornado.”

But the company soon realized the chances of experiencing a tornado were very low compared with their chances of encountering data loss due to dirty power. “So while we were adding the physical security, we decided to add the power security at the same time,” says Posey.

Enter Genisco, a trusted provider of power and communications filters to peripheral manufacturers, government agencies, military and aerospace contractors, electrical contractors, shielded room suppliers, and more for over 50 years.

“We already knew Genisco, we trusted their quality, and we trusted that they had the best, most reliable product for our critical application,” Posey says. “We wanted to make sure it was exactly right and would perform at a high level, and that’s what we expected Genisco to do.”

Genisco began the filter-selection process for HSI, as they do with every customer, by listening to their specific needs.

“We started by gathering the specifications for the system they needed the filters to connect to — voltage ratings, current ratings, the performance they were looking for, things like that,” explains Matthew Heida, sales manager for Genisco. “After that, we came up with a custom solution that fit their application and did what they needed it to do.”

Posey says the whole process went flawlessly from beginning to end. “Genisco did all the heavy lifting,” he says. “They listened to our needs, made a recommendation, and then delivered. They stayed with us all the way through — from choosing the product, to coaching our electricians regarding the install.I can’t imagine working with anyone besides Genisco.”

For more information about dirty power and how Genisco power and communications filters can protect your sensitive data and equipment, visit or call 858.565.7405.

About Genisco

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Genisco Filter Corporation has been the premier choice in the design and manufacture of EMI/RFI filters for power line, signal line and custom applications for more than 50 years. Their ISO 9001 certification and MIL-I-45208A inspection system ensure quality, on-time delivery for an array of industries, including computer peripheral manufacturers, government agencies, military and aerospace contractors, electrical contractors, shielded room suppliers and more. Genisco is a privately-held, wholly-owned subsidiary of Oklahoma-based HSI Sensing, and all Genisco products are made in America. For more information about Genisco, please call 405.448.3447 or visit

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