Genisco Filter Corporation, the leader in the design and manufacture of EMI/RFI filters for power line, signal line, TEMPEST and custom applications, introduces the space-saving GFP88201 “Quadpack” high-performance filter panel. The Quadpack is 10 inches narrower and 20 pounds lighter than a standard 4×60/100 amp filter panel, with no reduction in performance or quality.

“We designed the Quadpack for any application where space is at a premium,” says sales manager Ignacio Peinado. “So customers with secure shipping containers, shielded rooms, military SCIFs, and other limited-space designs can get a premium power filter panel that takes up less wall space and is easier to handle and install.”

Quadpack filter panels are also available in 4×150/250 amp and 4×600/800 amp configurations. All Genisco filters can be tailored to a customer’s specific application, and their industry-recognized quality can usually be delivered in about half the time of competitive manufacturers.


About Genisco

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Genisco Filter Corporation has been the premier choice in the design and manufacture of EMI/RFI filters for power line, signal line and custom applications for more than 50 years. Their ISO 9001 certification and MIL-I-45208A inspection system ensure quality, on-time delivery for an array of industries, including computer peripheral manufacturers, government agencies, military and aerospace contractors, electrical contractors, shielded room suppliers and more. Genisco is a privately-held, wholly-owned subsidiary of Oklahoma-based HSI Sensing, and all Genisco products are made in America. For more information about Genisco, please call 405.448.3447 or visit

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